ideas gone wrong

We all have those days where you think, WTF are you doing. Well this was me the last month! I had so much ideas for my blog, but they all ended up in the garbage can. (I like to think I am a great crafter ). Yeahh couldn’t be more wrong. Alright, alright enough with […]

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Aftershave as make up primer!

Nivea for men aftershave balsem senstive, yeah that one. I first read about it on pinterest, how aftershave can be a hell of a good make-up primer. The idea to use an aftershave as makeup primer sounds insane! That is why I wanted to try it out. And so I did: pluspoints: – The aftershave […]

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An art of my life

In my previous post I started a new concept, called an art of my life!(If you are interest in my first an art of my life,¬†Art, is kind of my thing ). For this piece I was inspired by something that is happening in my life. I have this friend where I basicaly grew up […]

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