The life of a Mara { The beginning}

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Today I am welcoming a whole new theme on my blog. What is it about you think? Literally my life.

Some days ago I was showing my work to the teacher at school. She was reading it and suddenly she said ” I’m sorry I need some time to adjust to your writing”. “Is that bad, do I need to adjust it” I said. “Just as the other teachers say , you write creative. It is not bad, I just need to adjust.” That got me thinking.

Creative, I write creative. I still do not know if this is a compliment or a bad thing. But alright it inspired me. It was just another clue that I am not normal. I do not mean that as a bad thing, but as something good. Perhaps I can explain:

Too understand that being abnormal is a good thing, you need to know more about me. The story of my life. The story of  a Mara. Through an upcoming series you will defenitely find out.






Microsoft surface pro 4 special secret!

After buying the microsoft  surface pro 4, I got the upportunity to try painting online.

The fun thing about surface pro 4, is that it has a special function and upportunities for drawing and painting. I also bought an extra penset that has different heads for on the pen. They resemble pencils. you have the standard head (HB) , then you have thinners ones (H, 2H) and even a (B). These different heads give you, ofcourse, different effects.

You have standards programs that already where on the microsoft, but I prefer the app sketchbook. Sketchbook has way more different options than the standard apps.

standard apps (notes):

For example I am giving you a little preview of the app notes.


Aantekening (1).png
Made by the app notes


As you can see it exits out of basic colours and lines. In the app notes you can change the size of the line, choosing pencil, marker and stift. The last thing is the colour range. You can choose out of a few basic colours. That is it!! Not much right.


AantekeningAantekening (2)Aantekening (3)

As you can see, you have a row on the left with different kind of art supplies. You have markers, blenders, pencils, bristels, waterpaint, acryl enz. A lot more diversity as the standard app. You can also alter the colours , thickness, brightness, and coverage. And the last thing is erasing. You have soft eraser and hard eraser. Yess, you can alter them in many ways as well.

I hope you liked my short introduction of the microsoft pro and his art department. I really love my new laptop and I am very excited about discovering new tips and tricks in this beautiful art program.

New Youtube career!



Hey guys, I´m back !!!!! I needed some time to think about I want for this blog and the lack of inspiration holded me back also. So I decided to stop with the blog for a while and I tried the focuse on an other I want to do too. That`s youtube!

After making a million videos that al failed in there own way, I finally succeeded:

Enjoy 🙂

ideas gone wrong

We all have those days where you think, WTF are you doing. Well this was me the last month! I had so much ideas for my blog, but they all ended up in the garbage can. (I like to think I am a great crafter ). Yeahh couldn’t be more wrong.

Alright, alright enough with the negativity. It wasn’t all bad. Now I have a great idea for a blogpost! Curious about my trash can ideas? Don’t stop reading!

Trash can idea 1#. YouTube where it al begins. That is actually my first trash can idea. Having a blog where spontaneously a visitor reads my posts is absolutely amazing, but I like to expand. What not better way to expand LivingMara on YouTube!

It wouldn’t take long before I figured out what I wanted to film first. I went for an art supply collection. So I grabbed my Phone (in lack of a camera) and started to film my first succes. It ended up so shaky that I gor nauscious by looking at it. Time to delay the whole YouTube thing. Maybe it is not my time yet.

Trash can idea 2#. A DIY!!!!! A really love arts and crafts. I am constantly watching DIY’s on YouTube. Why noy make my own. In my Bookshelf there is a lot of loose things what need to be stored properly. Instead of buying a basket, I wanted to be cheap and make my own one.

The DIY wasn’t  a complete failure. With a couple of adjustments it could be a actual succes. A made a woven basket from magazines. The weaving part went absolutely well and still looks good. The mistake was not using thick paper.

I painted it purple btw. I decided to keep it and actually use it. I only need to watch out withtaking it out of my bookshelf.

Curious how I made my woven basket:

  1. I cut out pieces from the length of what kind of paper you using. the longer the better. And I made it 5 cm/0,15 feet/ 1,31 inch wide. In the end you will have several pieces of length: from magazine and a wide of 5 cm.
  2. Time to weave this thing. I am not going to explain how you need to weave. You can find that on the internet. Weaving is the same for rope or paper. It doens’t matter.
  3. I did glue everything together to secure the basket.

tips for learing to weave:

I used this site for making my basket. 🙂 Enjoy!

I hope you liked this blogpost. See you next time…….



Aftershave as make up primer!

Nivea for men aftershave balsem senstive, yeah that one. I first read about it on pinterest, how aftershave can be a hell of a good make-up primer.


The idea to use an aftershave as makeup primer sounds insane! That is why I wanted to try it out. And so I did:

– The aftershave really works as a primer! It does everything a primer needs to do.
– It calmes the skin. It gives you a fresh feeling once you apply it.
– It defenitely makes your make up last all day. Through rain and sun, it is undefeatable.

– It has a strong men scense obviously. If you don’t like it just don’t buy it.
– It is hard to get the right amount. It has a rather large opening that can be quit

I really love this product! It is way cheaper than normal make up primers and you get more amount too! It calms the skin and makes it less dry. What is fantastic for really dry skin.

Would I recommend it? Yes, defenitely.



An art of my life

In my previous post I started a new concept, called an art of my life!(If you are interest in my first an art of my life, Art, is kind of my thing ).

For this piece I was inspired by something that is happening in my life. I have this friend where I basicaly grew up with. Once whe went to middle school and whe weren’t on the same level, she started to feel embarresed for me. This was because I was a level lower than her. I felt betrayed, she was my best friend and she just let me down like that. We lost touch eventually.

Two years later she started contacting me and I was very happy to talk to her again. But little did I know, she wasn’t changed a bit. She is downgrading me because I am still a level lower than  her , she always  changes subject , because my stories are boring. As final touch to my story she only talks to me when she needs me to be her therapist. Yes she does that!

know I really want to let her go. This is not a real friendship, but I don’t know how.

I hate hurting people.

This event inspired me to paint a page in my art journal (Don’t know what that is, Art Journaling). Along with the story, these pictures helped me to create an image to start with:

Out of this came:



I still didn’t like the faces so far. So I practised some more:


I like these faces better . Also It gave me an idea for the actual painting. First I wanted the more like rock hanging thing, but now……


I like this set-up better. It leaves more to your imagination.

Art Journaling

Hello Internet!! I have already told you about something awesome called bullet journaling. Well, I got something new for you in store. Art journaling, a project I wanted to start a long time ago, but never ended up doing.

There is one goal that I want too achieve in 2017. That is to let my creativity shine more! So this is a good time to try out art journaling.

An art journal is a journal in which you combine art and words to express yourself.

This art form is practised by some great people throughout history. For example: Vincent van Gogh , Davinci and Picasso had a form of art journal we know today!

An art journal is a diary with instead of words, drawings and other stuff lying around. You can put festival tickets in your journal or some beautiful beads, mothersday presents from your kids and even some feathers. Let your imagination lead the way!!

To begin an art journal you will need a sketchbook or a journal. What kind and how big ,is something you will need to decide for yourself.

The second thing is, that there are no rules when it comes to an art journal. You can make it your diary , put you emotions in , dreams , or just for important things you want to remember for later and maybe just to keep track on new techniques or ideas.

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor what is a art journal
Afbeeldingsresultaten voor what is a art journal
Afbeeldingsresultaten voor what is a art journal

Because I haven’t started making an art journal, I still need to think what I want to do with it. I guess I want to make it more of an inspirational quotes, memories and trying out new techniques art journal.

I am very curious if it’s going to be a staying thing like bullet journaling. But you never know, if you didn’t try it!

See you next time……..

My “eau Natural” skincare routine

No skincare routine is the same. Everyone has it’s own secret when it comes to beauty and where  you feel the most comfortable with. I always find it fascinating what others routines are, what products they use and the beauty secrets they swear by! Are you interest in my beauty secret, just keep on reading then:

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