the “ultimate”guidline to skincare products

Just as my title describes, I am gonna talk about the guidlines when it comes to skincare products. Of course nobody’s skincare routine is perfect. Mine isn’t either. But ,what I can tell you is mine experience with skincare products.

I consider cleansing your skin as the most important thing of your routine. I have tried drugstore cleansers to high end cleansers, just to find my perfect cleanser. Now I have my small selection of products that works for me. Never exaggerate!

Unfortunately I got to obsessed with cleansing my skin. I got to the point I was not helping my skin but destroying it. I’ve gotten more pimples, blackheads and other blemishes. I blamed it on bad cleaning and started to coöperate more cleansing products in my routine. Luckely  I saw my mistake and stopped instantly. Now I have it slimmed  down to two cleansing products for everyday use. You don’t need more.

  1. My first big fat don’t! Do not exaggerate with your cleansing routine,It does more
    harm than good.

The expiration date on products aren’t just there for fun. They actually mean something and need to take seriously. Nobody eats expired salmon or chicken. Why do we use expired products then ? Ingredients in expired skincare products do no longer do  there purpose. For example, flowers have beautiful living coloures when there blosseming. When they started to whither( or reaching there expiration date) their beautiful living colours starting to fade, there leaves and body getting weak and eventually die. With skincare products the ingredients are kind of dying too and no longer good for the skin. With lots of products the formula starts to change, It goes from thin too thick, starts to smell bad and doesn’t give you the care anymore like it used to do.

Of course it doesn’t mean you inmediatly have to throw it away on the expiration date. Just keep in mind it’s possible that your product is expired. The best way is to check regulary your product on sudden changes in the formula or smell. Most of the time that´s  a sign of expiration. Also keep your products in a dry and dark place. This will extend the durability of the products.

  1. Take the expiration date on your products seriously and throw expired products
    away. Do not use them anymore!

Did you ever bought a new skincare product (maybe a little bit in the expensive range) and after a week your skin is getting more irritated, more red and instead of decreasing the pimples its increasing. Well, you´ve stumbled on a product that’s certainly not good for your skin and you know it. Still you continue to use this product. We all have been there and have done it. I am guilty too! The product was expensive and you don’t want to throw your money away. Still, using these products that cause irritations to the skin and cause maybe an allergic reaction will make your skin even worse. This involves in spending more money in restoring your skin than you spend the first time buying this product. I know it’s painful to throw barrely used products away but you need to look at the future. What is cheaper at the end of the day?

  1. Throw skincare products away that causes irritation, redness and even allergic
    reactions to the skin. If you keep using it , you will damage your skin even more.

For buying your skincare products , make sure you know your skintype. This can be dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. How to figure it out? Ask for help at beauty counters like Sephora or check the worldwideweb for information. The internet is full of information about skintypes. Once you  figured out what your skin type is ,you can search for the products that suits you best. It doesn’t mean you inmediately find the perfect cleanser or moisterizer for you, but it increases the oppurtinity.

  1. For purchasing skincare products, find out what your skintype is. This increases the
    chanche in finding the perfect product for you.

Next, before trying out your new product make sure to read the instructions. Not every product is the same. For example exfoliating products come in different formula. One is recommended to only use it three times a week, while the other is suitable for every day. This applies for other products too. the second thing why you should read the instructions is to make sure you apply/use it well. Products you apply/use in the wrong way won’t show the desired effect you want too.

  1. When trying out new products, make sure to read the instructions on the packaging.
    This helps you to use the product in the right way and shows you how much in a week
    you can use it

These where my five tips fore using/purchasing your skincare products. Let me know in the commend section what your to go to tip is and what you thinks about my tips. I’d love to see your opinion.

New material is coming soon…….


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