the “ultimate” guideline to nailpolish

After a great succes from my first ultimate guideline ( 1 person read and liked it) I am doing an another one. The “ultimate” guideline  to nailpolish!!!

Well, I must be honest, I recently got back in the nailpolish world. I was never a real big fan of nailpolish. Mainly because I am way to impatient and my nails aren´t strong to hold the nailpolish for a few days.

Long story straight. After I cleared up my nailpolish collection (which I barely used), a few days after my interest in nailpolish started to come back. Only with a few rules of course! I promised myself I would find something for my  impatience and nailpolish that last more than a few days.

Luckely I am really creative and very good at shopping. Before we go further with my discoveries, I want to show you my nailpolish collection:


nailpolish 2.png
1. Hema longlasting nailpolish (814) , €2,50/$ 2,68 2. O.P.I. nail lacquer ( Right of the bat),€14,95/$16,05 3. O.P.I nail lacquer (Gaining mole-mentum),€14,95/$16,05 4. Hema long lasting nailpolish ( 820), €2,50/$2,68 5.Essie topcoat (Good to go),€11,95/12,83 6. Sally Hansen topcoat, €11,99/$12,83 7. Sally Hansen(Birthday suit), €11,99/$12,83 8. Essie(Sable collar) , €6,99/$7,50

It is not the most impressive collection, but keep in mind that I just got rid of a lot of nailpolishes. I recently bought two Sally Hansen nailpolishes and these are the best. I am sold:$.


Tips for the impatient people out there!

I Always hate waiting for the nailpolish to dry. Somehow It will Always bump against something and ruin my life. There has to be a solution to it? I really wanted to make a DIY out of it, but I am not that good of a creator. Until I perfected my DIY I show you my to go too buys for this problem.

My first to go to buy is Helmies! I know right, crazy name. Helmies are litlle nail helmets to protect your nailpolish from smudging. There lightweight, rubber-ish things that you put over your nails after you painted your nails. You need to wait for 15 minutes before you put the helmies on, after that you can do literally anything! Go to the bathroom without any issues, opening mail, putting on jewerly or putting on tights.



Unfortunately, I really wanted to test them but I couldn’t get it. Out of others reviews they seem the real deal. A little peace of heaven!

Does these Helmies things still take too long for you? Try this solution: A nail dryer UV-lamp never dissapointed everyone. Ofcourse to have one that really works takes some savings. For example this light from Thermal spa (type 49135)






For me these two are the best solution. You don’t have to buy these to in particular. Use them as a guideline.

Other cheap alternatives is a blowdryer, inmediately after applying nailpolish put them in ice water for 2 to 3 minutes, sit still or put them in the fridge!

Nailcare for dummies

trying to have the perfect manicure is one thing. The second is taking care of your nails. Without a good foundation nothing will hold. A strong foundation starts with hydrated nails:

In my nailroutine is  cuticle oil very important. A lot of people underestimate the purpose of cuticles. Cucticles are very important and prevent bacteria from entering the nailmatrix and nailbed. If you neglected them or agressively pul them back you destroy their function.

Before I pul them back, I put a fair amount of cuticle oil on. I use apricot oil for my cuticles, there known of making the skin more elastic, protected and it is a natural healer. Win win situation. Am I adventurous and want to put on nailpolish, then I also put some apricot oil on the nails.

Be careful with rubbing of your nailpolish. If you are too agressive then there is a possibility you also damage your nails itself. For the rest make sure you use nailremover without aceton.

Cucticles are very important and prevent bacteria from entering the nailmatrix and nailbed.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you want more ultimates guidelines, just let me know in the comments down below. And what are your favorite nailpolishes?

More material coming soon……











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