Boozy cosmetics brush artistry set

I recently purchased the brush artistry set from boozyshop. This set is always on sale what weirded me out a bit. I mean why is it constant on sale? Are they that desperate to sell? Still it got my attention and on black Friday I decided to buy this brush set.

My first impression on the brushes were a bit sceptical. The small ones look like toothbrushes and the bigger ones have a slight discoloration.


After trying them out, I must admit, I am sold!!!! There are amazing. I used my normal amount of foundation but with these brushes you can use way less product too achieve the same effects.

They don’t suck up the product but just simply blend it in the skin. The result is very natural and gives you high coverage at the same time.



Elypse XL, Elypse L, Elypse M, Elypse S

These are the biggest brushes out of the set. All of the brushes are multifunctional. I´ve used them with liquid and powder make up. They are both amazing with liquid and powder.

I used Elypse XL to apply my foundation. I inmediately noticed that my normal amount of foundation is way too much with this brush. Normally the brush soakes some of the product in. The artistery set don´t ! And to make it even better, they decreases the amount of time with blending my make up. Freaking amazing! Hello more sleep:).

For the rest I used the Elypse L for applying powder. Yet again you need less product than normal. Elypse M helped me with applying concealer. And I used Elypse S for bronzer.

Elypse XS, Kylix S, Kylix M, Kylix L

These four brushes look like toothbrushes, what I found really funny. ( I know I am really weird).  I didn’t use the Elypse XS yet. I have used the Kylix S for my brows, what I absloutely love. Normally it takes a very long time before I’m done with my brows. But now!! It only takes 2 or 3 sweaps. I am not kidding!!

I used the Kylix L for applying my cream contour. The brush is bigger in real life. I didn’t use the Kylix M yet.

Circular 1 and Circular 2

These two are the smallest one from the set. Circular 1 the flat round brush is not the softest. I tried to apply eyeshadow with it but the hairs are too hard for my eye area. Circular 2 is actually very soft and I used it too aply eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye.

I wanted to show you pictures of the me using the brushes but there is not really a difference with my real techniques. It is a good thing.

The benefits of the Boozy cosmetics artistery set is, that you have to use a less amount of make up you normally do for getting the same results. The second reason is, that the brushes blend the make up faster than others. The third and last one is that the brushes barely soak any product up. After using them it is barely noticing that they just have been used.

Do I recommend these brushes? Yes. There worth every penny. The brushes are multifunctional and have several plus points to go with it.


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