Art, is kind of my thing

Well, hello people on the internet ( I really wanted to ad this phrase). I Always say I am a make up addict, but my addiction for colours, techniques, everything that belongs with make up expresses himself in painting and drawing as well. I get inspired by stories and pictures. Whenever I see a picture I want to  coöperate  in my drawings/paintings , inmediately the ideas are coming trough. I can tell you everything how my paintings are formed, techniques I used,  how I mixed colours and make everything very boring.  I am not going to do that.

I am giving you a blog version of a day out of my life, but than a tour in my drawings/paintings  creatings stuff. yeeeehhhhh!!!

I stumbled on  this picture on pinterest, which I found out of this world! I is like a outerspace, fairyshit and modern fashion vibe.











That`s the minute I knew I wanted to paint this thing. I always sketch my ideas out first.

new awesome shit.png

My sketch looks still a lot like the original ( do not look at the nose, I messed up really bad!).

I decided to go with a more fairytale look. I wanted to make her more like a fairy with animal, nature kind of features. A forest fairy!


Sorry for the different colours on the sketch. I dropped the nose ring and added an antler from a deer. On the antler is a crown from flowers to make it more of a  fairytail look.





The original has a very beautiful out of this world space vibe where I fell in love with. To make it more over the top the more human parts of the picture needed to be replaced. That’s where the insanely looking black eyes and an antler came along. Never regreted that decision. On the other side how longer I look at her eyes, the more they belong to a serialkiller than one of a forest fairy.

The end result is way different than the Original. But hey thats art! I really love how it came out. You still have the outer space tears what I really wanted to keep. It´s not a masterart and I know that. For me It´s a form of expression. Through art I can fully express myself. I don´t care if It´s ugly , I had fun and that´s the most important part.

I hope you liked this kind of  blogpost. I sure did! I’d never seen someone doing this. New material is coming soon……..






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