My “eau Natural” skincare routine

No skincare routine is the same. Everyone has it’s own secret when it comes to beauty and where  you feel the most comfortable with. I always find it fascinating what others routines are, what products they use and the beauty secrets they swear by! Are you interest in my beauty secret, just keep on reading then:

I had many different skincare routines until I have found my perfect one. With finding the perfect routine, a lot of products where involved. I’ve tried the drugstore ones till  the high end ones. This is where I came to the conclusion my skin reacts better on “natural” ingredients. With this, I mean skincare products that are not only chemical based.

No day is the same. You’ve got days where everything goes perfect and days when you think the whole  world is against you. My skin and hair are different everyday. This is why I have routines for different situations. We don’t treat each day the same, but why are we treating our skin and hair the same everytime ,it makes no sense. This really got me thinking and started to listen to my body, with that came wisdom and the perfect hair and skin! How did I do that? Well buckle up, here it comes.

 A lazy no make up day on the couch doesn’t  do a lot for my skin and hair. You don’t sweat, come in contact with a lot of bad bacteria or the bad gasses from cars and other. Do you really need to use a deep deep cleansing mask? No! When do you need it, after a busy, sweaty and gross day.
When you manage the k
now the difference between every situation, you can go further and listen to your body. What does your body need? Is your skin dry, moisterize extra! Your hair is not greesy, but a bit dry. Don’t clean but moisterize it.

What remains the same everyday, is my morning routine. It is very simple and suits with every situation.

So here are the most common situations where I change up my skincare routine!:

Lazy at home day:

My lazy at home day starts of with cleansing my face with micellar water from garnier, moisterize with clinic moisterizer and sunscreen. In the evening it stays simple with a another cleansing with micellar water from garnier, toner from lush and a sebum serum from guinot. Then I use advocado oil as a serum and moisterize with (again) clinique and on the dry spots shea butter.

Busy work/school day:

These are very long days. I have to travel for school for about two whole hours! That is only to school. This is why my day starts at 5.30 am and ends around 17.30 pm. Luckely I have a internship for a half year in my city. Yeahhh more sleep. Now I wake up at 6.30 am and the day ends at 16.30 pm. I keep these two together because my routine stays the same for both.

Yet again it starts with the same morning routine. If you really want to read it again just look a little bit up and you will find it. My evening care starts off with removing my make up. I use a combination of coconut oil and micellar water. It is cheap and gets everything of even the most stubborn make up without dehydrating your face. After that I use my toner fom lush, my sebum serum from guinot. My serum is avocado oil. My routine ends up with clinique moisterizer and  a hint of shea butter.

Because these are long days I treat myself with a face massage. I massage the oil and moisterizer into the skin until there completely absorbed by the skin.

pampering day

On evenings with alot of time, I like to do something extra. This can be a mask , scrub or my clinique cleansing brush. My favorite mask to use is magnaminty from lush. If you want a very deep cleanse , this is the one!

My scrub is homemade. I use a mix between Sugar and honey. You exfoliate and take care of your skin at the same time. A win, win situation for all.

If I want to do something extra but not in the mood for masks or scrubs. I use my clinique cleansing brush. I use this brush with my normal cleanser, just for that extra cleanse. It really works and simple to maintain.


I hope you got a glimpse of what my skincare routine looks like. I think I’ve got one of the most difficult routines of the world! Oh well, it works for me. Just remember what works for me doesn’t necessary apply for everyone. Just do what makes you feel good.

I hope you enjoyed it and let me in the comments down below what your favorite skincare product is. New material coming soon……..




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