An art of my life

In my previous post I started a new concept, called an art of my life!(If you are interest in my first an art of my life, Art, is kind of my thing ).

For this piece I was inspired by something that is happening in my life. I have this friend where I basicaly grew up with. Once whe went to middle school and whe weren’t on the same level, she started to feel embarresed for me. This was because I was a level lower than her. I felt betrayed, she was my best friend and she just let me down like that. We lost touch eventually.

Two years later she started contacting me and I was very happy to talk to her again. But little did I know, she wasn’t changed a bit. She is downgrading me because I am still a level lower than  her , she always  changes subject , because my stories are boring. As final touch to my story she only talks to me when she needs me to be her therapist. Yes she does that!

know I really want to let her go. This is not a real friendship, but I don’t know how.

I hate hurting people.

This event inspired me to paint a page in my art journal (Don’t know what that is, Art Journaling). Along with the story, these pictures helped me to create an image to start with:

Out of this came:



I still didn’t like the faces so far. So I practised some more:


I like these faces better . Also It gave me an idea for the actual painting. First I wanted the more like rock hanging thing, but now……


I like this set-up better. It leaves more to your imagination.


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