Aftershave as make up primer!

Nivea for men aftershave balsem senstive, yeah that one. I first read about it on pinterest, how aftershave can be a hell of a good make-up primer.


The idea to use an aftershave as makeup primer sounds insane! That is why I wanted to try it out. And so I did:

– The aftershave really works as a primer! It does everything a primer needs to do.
– It calmes the skin. It gives you a fresh feeling once you apply it.
– It defenitely makes your make up last all day. Through rain and sun, it is undefeatable.

– It has a strong men scense obviously. If you don’t like it just don’t buy it.
– It is hard to get the right amount. It has a rather large opening that can be quit

I really love this product! It is way cheaper than normal make up primers and you get more amount too! It calms the skin and makes it less dry. What is fantastic for really dry skin.

Would I recommend it? Yes, defenitely.




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