ideas gone wrong

We all have those days where you think, WTF are you doing. Well this was me the last month! I had so much ideas for my blog, but they all ended up in the garbage can. (I like to think I am a great crafter ). Yeahh couldn’t be more wrong.

Alright, alright enough with the negativity. It wasn’t all bad. Now I have a great idea for a blogpost! Curious about my trash can ideas? Don’t stop reading!

Trash can idea 1#. YouTube where it al begins. That is actually my first trash can idea. Having a blog where spontaneously a visitor reads my posts is absolutely amazing, but I like to expand. What not better way to expand LivingMara on YouTube!

It wouldn’t take long before I figured out what I wanted to film first. I went for an art supply collection. So I grabbed my Phone (in lack of a camera) and started to film my first succes. It ended up so shaky that I gor nauscious by looking at it. Time to delay the whole YouTube thing. Maybe it is not my time yet.

Trash can idea 2#. A DIY!!!!! A really love arts and crafts. I am constantly watching DIY’s on YouTube. Why noy make my own. In my Bookshelf there is a lot of loose things what need to be stored properly. Instead of buying a basket, I wanted to be cheap and make my own one.

The DIY wasn’t  a complete failure. With a couple of adjustments it could be a actual succes. A made a woven basket from magazines. The weaving part went absolutely well and still looks good. The mistake was not using thick paper.

I painted it purple btw. I decided to keep it and actually use it. I only need to watch out withtaking it out of my bookshelf.

Curious how I made my woven basket:

  1. I cut out pieces from the length of what kind of paper you using. the longer the better. And I made it 5 cm/0,15 feet/ 1,31 inch wide. In the end you will have several pieces of length: from magazine and a wide of 5 cm.
  2. Time to weave this thing. I am not going to explain how you need to weave. You can find that on the internet. Weaving is the same for rope or paper. It doens’t matter.
  3. I did glue everything together to secure the basket.

tips for learing to weave:

I used this site for making my basket. 🙂 Enjoy!

I hope you liked this blogpost. See you next time…….




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