Microsoft surface pro 4 special secret!

After buying the microsoft  surface pro 4, I got the upportunity to try painting online.

The fun thing about surface pro 4, is that it has a special function and upportunities for drawing and painting. I also bought an extra penset that has different heads for on the pen. They resemble pencils. you have the standard head (HB) , then you have thinners ones (H, 2H) and even a (B). These different heads give you, ofcourse, different effects.

You have standards programs that already where on the microsoft, but I prefer the app sketchbook. Sketchbook has way more different options than the standard apps.

standard apps (notes):

For example I am giving you a little preview of the app notes.


Aantekening (1).png
Made by the app notes


As you can see it exits out of basic colours and lines. In the app notes you can change the size of the line, choosing pencil, marker and stift. The last thing is the colour range. You can choose out of a few basic colours. That is it!! Not much right.


AantekeningAantekening (2)Aantekening (3)

As you can see, you have a row on the left with different kind of art supplies. You have markers, blenders, pencils, bristels, waterpaint, acryl enz. A lot more diversity as the standard app. You can also alter the colours , thickness, brightness, and coverage. And the last thing is erasing. You have soft eraser and hard eraser. Yess, you can alter them in many ways as well.

I hope you liked my short introduction of the microsoft pro and his art department. I really love my new laptop and I am very excited about discovering new tips and tricks in this beautiful art program.


New Youtube career!



Hey guys, I´m back !!!!! I needed some time to think about I want for this blog and the lack of inspiration holded me back also. So I decided to stop with the blog for a while and I tried the focuse on an other I want to do too. That`s youtube!

After making a million videos that al failed in there own way, I finally succeeded:

Enjoy 🙂