Who is livingmara

Hi guys,

My name is Mara Schreven and I am 17 years old. You probably understand by my last name that I am not an American or English. No, I from the Netherlands in Europe! So now you know my mothertongue isn’t English you probably understand I will make mistakes with the grammar.( Hey, I am always open for critic).

My passions excist out of everything creative and working with the law. I am currently in my second year of college and I love it! In my free time I like to shop vintage clothes and the most beautiful make up. I paint and draw, write stories, do DIY’s, styling my bedroom , read and doing my make up. I am a busy girl :).

Writing on this blog is an another passion of mine. If you like to comment something keep the hate out of it. I like to keep this positive. Suggestions and critics are always welcome but just keep it nice.

I hope you will enjoy my posts. See you next time,


Mara Schreven